Unobstructed water & beach views, Fabulous Location!


Huge 4-5 Bed, 3 Bath, Deck, Patio, Lanai, Walk-in Closets, Tall Ceilings


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Quiet,undistured Beach Front...

Welcome to EagleRayBay. A stunning, one of a kind property that offers one of the most sought after features of any luxury property in the world. Your own private beach. Imagine walking out your back door and finding yourself on a secluded beach, with world class snorkeling and scuba diving. No neighbors as far as the eye can see, yet only a 30 minute drive away from town.

EagleRayBay is the only house for a long ways. Due to the nature of the road, the privacy is protected and very few houses can be built nearby.

We're in the Rum Point district, a wondeful district of Grand Cayman; and in the part where there is space between the houses.


This custom home was designed from the ground up to maximize the views from every room. Whether it's the Master bedroom or the the living room, each room's orientation, layout, and window placement was planned to offer unobstructed views of the amazing natural surroundings.

View From Every bedroom: The builder created the perfect view house. Unlike most Cayman beach houses with partial views or posts, poles, or trees blocking the view, EagleRayBay has full panoramic views from every beachside room.

Even the two back bedrooms, had fabulous views. EagleRayBay likely has the best views on the entire island.

Spectacular Views...


State of the Art House...

This unique home is only five years old, built with modern construction and safety standards.

State of the art features built in during the design and construction include: ethernet in all rooms, four telephone lines, Marmarand exterior (never needs painting), lighting rod protection, whole house carbon water filtration system, oversize 14,000 gallon cistern, and many others.


Tall ceilings...

Huge pantry...

Open stair case...

Huge master bedroom...

Huge walk through master closet...

Huge bathroom storage area...

Spacious Interior...


Outside Features...

EagleRayBay has a unique feature ... people are able to walk to the reef !

 As  you walk along to the reef, you can see fish and sea critters swimming  along. This is very unusual for the island.


The house is built right into the landscaping, all plants are native so the garden is incredibly easy to maintain - the builders were not allowed to clear cut.

When you're inside, we have sliding glass doors to the North, East, and West. To the North is the Caribbean sea, to the east and west is native vegetation. The upshot is that you feel like your outside when you're inside

Beautiful Landscaping
Beautiful Landscaping...


Wildlife on the Property...

Fish breed in the shallows in front of EagleRayBay. On a regular basis, we see baby tropical fish.

We've seen Peacock Flounders the size of American  quarters, Angel Fish the size of finger nails - it is pretty incredible.


Easy 1 hour flights to Miami.

English speaking (British territory)

Fabulous diving

Best beach in the world (Seven Mile Beach).

There is virtually no crime.

There are no property taxes in the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands attracts high quality doctors who love to sail, dive, swim, snorkel etc.; and as such has great medical care.

Excellent grocery markets.

Around Cayman
Around Cayman...



Amazing Snorkeling: It goes without saying that the snorkeling from EagleRayBay is amazing. We've seen the biggest puffer fish, octopus, stingrays, eaglerays,  once a manta ray, squid, tropical fish galore. Every water experience is a new adventure.

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(408) 489-7685

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